High indoor humidity affects millions of households across the United States. Humidity creates an uncomfortable living environment and can cause health problems and structural issues in the home. The following article lists some tips and tricks on how to reduce humidity in your home.

Problems with Humidity in Your Home

Some humidity problems in homes are caused by structural issues. These can include a leaking roof or basement, or poor drainage around the exterior of a home. In most cases, humidity is only a minor discomfort. However, high amounts can encourage mold growth, which contributes to health issues.

High humidity also has a negative impact on the structural integrity of a building. If mold grows on wooden structures, it causes the wood to deteriorate. Termites also prefer damp areas of the home so humidity and damp wooden components are conducive to termite infestation.

How to Reduce High Humidity in the Home

Check the Gutters

A common cause of high humidity is poor drainage around the foundation. If the ground surrounding a home doesn’t have proper drainage, water builds up along the side of a home. This water seeps into the basement or crawlspace of the home, increasing the moisture inside. When humidity is high in the lowest levels of the house, it also affects the upper levels of a home.

To reduce humidity, make sure there is adequate drainage around the home. Gutters should always have a downspout and drain pipe attached to them that directs water away from the foundation. If your gutters simply drain to the base of your home, add a drain pipe to move water away.

Check the Roof

If you have problems with humidity, check the roof of the home for leaks. A leaky roof does not always cause noticeable dripping inside the house. Instead, moisture can build up in the insulation and wooden support beams in the attic. Have a professional inspect the roofing to determine if repair work is needed or if you need to replace the roof.


Dehumidifiers are helpful in dealing with indoor humidity. You can purchase units for specific problem areas or add a whole house dehumidifier to your HVAC system.

Humidity doesn’t cause damage overnight. It’s a gradual deterioration that takes place over time. Take these steps to lower humidity for your family’s comfort and health, and to preserve the structure of your home.

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