Look for Signs That You Need a New Roof

Your roof protects your home from the outside elements. If your roof is damaged or near the end of its life, it can threaten other elements of your home. Be aware of the signs that you need a new roof and take action when needed.

1. Watch Out for Flashing Problems

Your roof’s flashing should be inspected periodically. Check out areas around your chimney, vents, and any on your roof. Flashing is what seals the edges of the roof’s openings, so it must stay in good condition to keep water out.

Flashing is often used where rainwater flows and can deteriorate faster than other parts of the roof. If it is cracked, crumbling, or otherwise compromised, you should have it looked at by a professional. Damaged flashing can be one of the signs that you need a new roof, or at the very least, need repairs.

2. The Age of Your Roof

One of the signs that you need a new roof is if it is over 20 years old. Different factors can play a part in your roof’s lifespan, but once an asphalt roof has reached the 20-year mark, it is time to start budgeting for a replacement. If your roof is made from metal, tile, or slate, it can last twice as long as an asphalt roof.

3. Missing or Warped shingles

If you see missing or warped shingles, this could be a sign that your roof needs to be replaced. If it is just a shingle or two, you can replace those few missing shingles. If you have a lot of damaged or missing shingles, a new roof will be your best choice. Curling, cracked, and cupping shingles are all bad signs. A high-quality roof has shingles that lay flat.

If you have missing or damaged flashing, an old roof, or missing or warped shingles, it is time to let a professional look at your roof. A new roof is a great investment since it is what keeps your property safe from the elements and can increase your property value. Be sure to get a professional’s opinion as soon as you see signs that you need a new roof. The quicker you replace your roof, the sooner you can have peace of mind that your home is protected.

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