Your trees are a valuable addition to your property. Mulching is helpful at the ground level, but you also need to care for the tree and its foliage. If you lack the equipment or skill to follow these tree care and maintenance tips safely, schedule professional service once or twice each year for optimal tree health.

The Benefits of Tree Care and Maintenance

When trees are not pruned and trimmed regularly, their branches may become too heavy. Breakage can occur, and this can be dangerous for your home and anyone on your property. Breakage can also threaten the tree’s health. Before heading outdoors to apply these tree care and maintenance tips, spend time researching the trees around your home to better understand their needs.

Prune According to the Tree’s Needs

Some trees will regenerate after pruning live, healthy sections. Others are fast-growing and will regenerate more easily from trimming while dormant. Before cutting any branches, take time to research proper pruning and cutting tips for the species that you are working with. Good instructions will include how and where to cut and the best time of year for doing so.

Keep Foliage Away from the House

Your pruning strategy should include trimming foliage away from the house. Foliage can damage the roof and siding or lead to broken windows during storms. Remember that branches can bend to extreme angles in high winds or when they are heavy from snow or ice.

Use the Right Equipment for Tree Care and Maintenance

Use the right equipment and tools for tree care and maintenance projects. You can forego climbing on a ladder if you use a pole pruner to clip smaller limbs. However, this tool requires considerable upper-body strength.

When using a chainsaw, create a small cut underneath the branch. Then, finish the job by slicing through the branch from the top. This reduces the likelihood of damage to the tree. Use protective gear when trimming trees. If you are not comfortable using these tools, hire a professional to do the work for you.

Make Your Own Mulch

You’ll create a pile of branches and leaves by pruning a tree. Rather than toss this debris into the landfill, rent or purchase a mulcher or a chipper/shredder machine. The shredded material will enrich your soil as it decomposes. It also reduces weed growth and helps the soil retain moisture. If you trim trees once or twice per year, this can be your primary source of mulch for your property.

These tree care and maintenance tips contribute to optimal health and longevity of your trees. Through tree maintenance, you can reduce property damage, maintain or increase property value, and improve curb appeal.

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