Homeowners’ power bills tend to be higher during the summer. Kids are home from school and use more electricity. The air conditioner is always on. Make your household more efficient with these ways to save energy this summer.

Save Energy This Summer by Going Solar

Install solar panels to lower your energy bills. They are especially effective in the summer when there are more hours of sunlight. You won’t have to pay the electric company for the power that your solar panels generate. The panels will eventually pay for themselves in energy savings.

Turn Off Cooling Systems Whenever Possible

One of the most effective ways to save energy this summer is to turn off your air conditioner when it is not necessary. Check the weather forecast throughout the summer. If cooler weather is on its way, turn off the AC and open the windows instead.

Save Energy With Passive Solar Techniques

Passive solar techniques use natural sunlight for indoor climate control. During the day, keep all the south-facing blinds closed. The south side of the home receives the most sunlight. For good measure, close all the blinds and curtains in the house.

Dry Clothing Outdoors to Save Energy This Summer

Your clothes dryer uses a lot of energy. The dryer also heats up your home when it is in use. An easy way to save energy during the summer is to hang wet clothes outside to dry. Not only does this lower your energy bill, but it will help keep your home cool.

Install Motion Sensor Lights in Rooms

With busy summer activities, it is easy to forget that you’ve left a light on. Kids are also notorious for not shutting off lights when they leave a room. Install motion detectors on lights to save energy.

Set the Indoor Temperature Based on the Weather

Save energy during the summer by setting the thermostat a bit higher on scorching hot days. While this may sound counterintuitive, this tip keeps your cooling system from working too hard and using excessive amounts of energy. Raising the thermostat temperature a couple of degrees will prevent your cooling system from straining, which saves energy and money.

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