Many people are not aware of why indoor air quality at home matters or how to improve it. You may assume that the quality of air in your home is superior to outdoor air quality, but this is rarely the case. While some outdoor pollutants filter into the home, other pollutants are generated from indoor sources. Because homes are so well-sealed today, many of these pollutants become trapped in the home and affect indoor air quality.

Why Indoor Air Quality at Home Matters

Poor indoor air quality has been linked to many health issues including allergies and minor to serious respiratory conditions. While indoor air quality in your home is a valid concern, the good news is that there are several effective steps to take to improve air quality at home.

1. Introduce Houseplants to Your Decor

NASA has determined that certain types of houseplants filter pollutants and chemicals from indoor air. Placing houseplants around your home is a great way to clean your indoor air while also adding a fresh feeling to your home. Some plants that improve air quality and are easy to maintain are Boston ferns, spider plants, and English ivy.

2. Use the Ventilation Fan When Cooking

Cooking can introduce pollutants into the home. Both gas and electric burners can diffuse chemicals like nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide into the air. Remember to use your range’s ventilation fan each time you cook.

3. Use Natural Household Cleaning Products

You need to keep your home clean, but harsh chemical-based cleaning products can fill your home with harmful pollutants like volatile organic compounds, known as VOCs. While these chemicals are an effective way to clean your home, they are not the only options available. Many natural ingredients may be used to clean your home just as effectively. Some people purchase natural cleaning products and others make their own products. You can find instructions online for making natural cleaning products.

4. Invest In an Air Purifying Device

Even when you take these steps to improve indoor air quality at home, the air quality may still worsen over time. Improving ventilation throughout your entire home is helpful as is investing in an air purifier. There are many home air purifying machines available to choose from depending on your budget. Research your options to identify the best equipment you can afford for your home.

Indoor air quality at home may worsen until you take steps to decrease the pollutants in your home and remove existing pollutants. While this requires your regular attention, taking these steps will improve the air your family breathes.

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