Building your own home allows you to enjoy a custom home that meets all of your expectations. With your purchase of a brand-new home that has never been lived in, you expect the home to be in great condition. Ordering a home inspection on new construction may seem unnecessary, however, a closer look reveals the many reasons why getting an inspection is a smart move.

Learning from a Home Inspection on New Construction

You want your brand new house to be in excellent condition at the time of move-in. When you order a home inspection on new construction, you will learn comprehensive facts about the quality of labor and materials used.

1. Learn About Contract Labor Defects

Many homeowners have had the experience of moving into a home only to find out that the work was not completed correctly. In some cases, these labor-related defects cost thousands of dollars to repair and may affect the condition of the home in other ways. A home inspection on new construction will identify problems so you can have repairs made before move-in day.

2. Quality of Products or Materials

Another aspect of your new construction is the types of products and materials used throughout the building. This includes the quality of roofing materials, windows, insulation, and seals. An inspector will carefully review your entire home. With a home inspection on new construction, you will learn if there were defective or damaged materials used. Without an inspection, you may not know about any defects until after you move into the home.

3. Have Repairs Completed Before Moving In

When you purchase a brand new home, it is reasonable to expect that the home is in great condition because it has had no previous occupants. By ordering a home inspection on new construction, you gain critical knowledge about any repairs needed and can ask your builder to address them before the final walkthrough. If problems are not discovered until after you move in, they often become your burden as the homeowner.

4. Monitor the Condition of Construction Efforts in Phases

Some people order a home inspection at the end of construction. You also have the option to order phase inspections. Building phase inspections monitor the condition of the construction efforts at different stages. Ordering inspections during the building process will provide insight into certain components before they become inaccessible.

Whether you order one inspection at the end of construction or phase inspections over the course of the process, there are substantial benefits associated with doing so. Schedule a home inspection on new construction and learn about the condition of your next home.

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